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When this world was born, the Creator split it in two. One half he gave to the God of Light, and the other he gave to the God of Darkness. The God of Light was delighted by his domain, so full of life and beauty, but the God of Darkness, who was bestowed with the land of darkness beneath the surface, resented the gift.
The God of Darkness created an army of dark creatures to invade and claim the surface for himself. However, he underestimated the power of the God of Light, and he was soon defeated and once again exiled to the dark below.
But he did not give up. He waited below the surface, plotting and scheming, until he could set his plan in motion. When the time was right, he infiltrated the world of the feeble-minded humans, and into their hearts he placed desire and greed. Both the Creator and the God of Light were completely oblivious to his influence.
The God of Darkness used the corrupted humans to finally take power from the God of Light. Soon, humans and angels alike found themselves powerless against the encroaching darkness.
In a desperate final effort to preserve their domain, the angels gathered the remaining light and created a sanctuary in the sky. This is how Sky Island was born.
The remaining humans have gathered on Sky Island with pain and regret in their hearts, longing for their peaceful past and the ones they lost. But there is still hope. There are some who believe that there are heroes who can fight the darkness and bring light back to the world.


Ares (Swordsman)

An exceptional close-quarters fighter who wields a sword and shield. His high defense and powerful AOE attacks make him a formidable foe.

Tyria (Mage)

A talanted magician who uses dark magic. She fights death with death, using her evil magic for good.

Kain (Archer)

A top marksman who dominates enemies from a distance. Power up his hunting abilities to unlock his true potential.

Marin (Hammerer)

A small girl with a mysterious past who wields a giant hammer. Her spinning hammer attacks devestate large groups of enemies.